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The Ajiri Foundation is currently sponsoring 6 students to attend school. We are supporting four students to attend high school (boarding school), one to attend Standard 8 (8th grade) and one to attend her local primary school.

Tuition costs for the high schoolers at boarding school range from $325-$770 per year. In addition, these students must buy many required materials--including a school uniform, shoes, toiletries, a mattress, bedding, a basin for washing, a container for drinking water, and school books. The total cost for a high-school student to attend boarding school is $475-$960.

The cost for a primary school student to attend a local primary school is about $60. This pays for their school uniform, shoes, socks, school bag, and school books. The cost for a primary school student to attend a private school is about $300. A quality primary school education will better enable students to attend a good high school.

We would appreciate any assistance. Our goal is to add at least 6 new students each year. We accept online donations and checks.

Ajiri Foundation, PO Box 162, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972

The Ajiri Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3.