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The Ajiri Foundation is currently sponsoring 19 students in school. Four of these students are in Form Two (10th grade), three are in Form I (9th grade), and twelve are in primary school. The boarding schools are located throughout western Kenya. For some of these children and their guardians, the trip to school was the first time they had left their village.

Secondary School Students

Geoffrey Fanisha Winston John

Geoffrey (Form II) Fanisha (Form II) Winston (Form II) John (Form II)


Alice Reena Diana

Alice (Form I) Reena (Form I) Diana (Form I)



Primary School Students

Levi (Class 3)


Stella Billiah Eugene Ronald

Stella (Class 6) Billiah (Class 8) Eugene (Class 4) Ronald (Class 7)


Marion Francis Esther Lydia

Marion (Class 6) Francis (Class 7) Esther (Class 4) Lydia (Class 8)