What We Do 

Ajiri Tea Company donates 100% of its profits to the Ajiri Foundation. The Ajiri Foundation pays school fees for orphans in western Kenya. This year, we are sponsoring 29 students in school. Seven students have graduated from our program.

Primary School: 

While primary school is free in Kenya, students must purchase books, uniforms, and school supplies, and pay exam fees. We make sure that our primary school students have all the materials they need to attend school. Furthermore, we closely monitor and mentor them to help them to succeed in school. Our Kenyan employees, Duncan and Regina, form relationships with the student, their families, and their schools to do whatever we can to help them succeed academically.

Secondary School: 

Our secondary school students attend boarding schools throughout western Kenya. We pay their school fees, as well as buy their books, uniforms, school supplies, and toiletries. School fees range from about $1000 a year to $1500 a year, depending on the school.

Additional Costs: 

We also pay additional fees for field trips, required school fundraising activities (to buy books for the library, purchase a new generator, etc) and contribute to prize giving days at the school.



Joyce, an Ajiri sponsored student with her sister, Fanisha. Fanisha was an Ajiri student and is now in medical school. 

Joyce, an Ajiri sponsored student with her sister, Fanisha. Fanisha was an Ajiri student and is now in medical school. 

The Ajiri Program

At Ajiri Tea we believe students are more than their test scores. Here we focus on the whole child. We believe that emotional development is just as important as academic achievement. In addition to paying school fees, the Ajiri TEAm also provides mentorship, field trips, and works hard to create an extended community. Below are just some of our ongoing activities:

 Monitoring and Mentorship

Paying school fees is only a part of what the Ajiri Foundation does to ensure academic success for our students. Duncan and Regina (our two Kenyan field coordinators) attend parent-teacher conferences, prize giving days, and school conferences, as well as coming by the school whenever there is any type of issue (academic, disciplinary, or health wise) with a student. They work hard to create a good relationship with the school, and to make sure the students feel that there is someone attending these types of events on their behalf.  At each school holiday, the students stop by the Ajiri office to meet with Duncan and Regina. They review their report cards and discuss ways to improve their scores.  Many of the students feel very comfortable in the office, and choose to visit Duncan and Regina there whenever they pass through Kisii Town.

Student Days

Once per year, Ajiri hosts a group meeting with all students and their guardians in Kisii Town. The primary purpose of this meeting is to build a community around the Ajiri Foundation. The parents/guardians enjoy getting to speak with each other and the students get to know each other in a relaxed setting. 

Exposure to Career Opportunities 

Eery 3-4 years, we hold a mentorship trip to Nairobi for all secondary school students. The goal of this trip is to expose students to career opportunities within their country, to meet inspiring individuals, to bond as a group, and to encourage them to study and succeed in school. On the trip this year, we visited a number of offices and sites in Kenya.