Regina is a field-coordinator for Ajiri Tea and the Ajiri Foundation. In addition to her work with Ajiri, Regina is a home science teacher. Regina is an active advocate for young girls and works closely with church groups, community leaders, and teachers to ensure vulnerable children are identified and cared for. She also volunteers her time advocating for victims of domestic abuse.

Regina is a steady and caring figure to all of our children. She is quick to action and gets things done faster than anyone around. 


Kate is the Director of Development and Co-Founder. She believes that children are more than test scores. Her goal is to provide a childhood, not just an education, for the sponsored students. Kate works to develop additional programing within the Ajiri Foundation. Recent projects include the introduction of student clubs, computer courses, and leadership training. 

Together with Regina, and Sara, Kate works to ensure that students feel loved, supported, and valued in the community. 


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Sara is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Ajiri Foundation. Sara is passionate about education and literacy. She works to ensure each child develops not only a proficiency for reading, but a passion for reading. Sara has a background in camp leadership, teaching, and outdoor education. She can often be found motivating the children to find their passion. She always follows up this motivation with real support. Whether it be with an art kit and books for a young artist, or a book about dinosaurs for our budding paleontologists, Sara has a real enthusiasm for developing and nurturing interests and talent. 


Dorothy was born and raised in Kisii, Kenya. She holds a degree in commercial accounting from Kisii University. While at university, she worked as a student leader and advocated against gender-based violence and female genital mutilation. She also volunteered at the YWCA in Kisii, where she worked to advance girl's rights. At Ajiri Tea, Dorothy's passion for working with vulnerable women and children continues. She can be found mentoring students and deeply listening to and engaging with their concerns. She also provides financial guidance to the women who craft the packaging. Her goal is to help create a more equitable financial and social environment for women and girls.