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The Ajiri Foundation pays education-related costs for orphans in western Kenya. In January 2003, the Kenyan government introduced free primary education. This opened the doors for many more children to attend school, but the program does not cover the costs of uniforms, transportation, or classroom materials. School fees for secondary school are cost-prohibitive for many families caring for orphans, and despite doing well in primary school, these children may be unable to continue their education after standard 8 (8th grade). We support primary school students by paying for school uniforms and school supplies, and support secondary school students by paying for school fees, transportation, school uniforms, exam fees, and school supplies.

List of items purchased for Geoffrey (pictures at left) to attend boarding school. Geoffrey began Form I (9th grade) in the beginning of February, 2010. For more information about Geoffrey, see "Meet the Students" page.

School Fees for 1 year $337.00
Bowl $2.75
Graph Books $1.85
Book Covers $2.40
Soap $2.25
Toilet Paper $1.20
Petroleum Jelly $1.35
Mug $1.50
Toothbrush $0.50
Toothpaste $1.00
Shoe Polish $1.65
Shoe Brush $0.50
Blankets $11.00
Mattress $10.85
Rubber Shoes $6.00
2 School Shirts $10.65
2 School Trousers $13.35
1 School Tie $1.35
1 School Sweater $6.65
School Shoes $22.65
Sandals $1.20
School Socks $2.65
Bed cover, Bed Sheets $16.60
Basin $0.95
Padlocks $4.65
Pens, Pencils $3.80
Water Can $0.65
Dictionary $13.35
Campus Melodies Book $1.35
School handbag $11.35
Textbooks $33.33
Calculator $13.00
Protractor $3.35
Key holder $0.65
School trunk $26.65
Towel $4.00
5 pairs of underwear $6.65
Bag for books $10.65
Transport to school $4.65

Total Cost for Geoffrey to attend school: $595