January 1, 2018

To everyone who has donated, bought a box of tea, and followed our journey,

We can’t thank you enough. Though we continue to grow, our goal stays the same—sustainable and thoughtful impact. As you know, we aren’t a big organization. We are two full-time employees in the U.S., and two full-time social workers in Kenya. We know we can’t tackle big issues like world hunger, change the education system, or improve global healthcare. But we can make small lasting change with the resources we have, and the resources you generously donate. This change looks like Fanisha becoming a doctor. This change looks like Winstone becoming an engineer. It looks like Reuben being encouraged in his passion for art. It might seem small on the scale of other not-for-profits, but this change is huge for the scholars we support.

This year we focusing more and more on outside programming. We realize that it takes more than just school to create an adjusted and happy child. It takes love, care, and creating spaces for our children to grow. This year they participated in mentoring programs, computer classes, and went on excursions.

Our kids have started referring themselves as part of the “Ajiri Family.” Our older students look out for the younger students. The high schoolers mentor the primary schoolers. They are friends with one another and confide in each other. Of all the things we are proud of, we are most proud of this—the community we have created.

Thank you for your donation. Thank you for your orders. We can't tell you how grateful we are. We know this community is miles and miles away from all of you, but to our kids, it feels like home.  

Asante sana,

Kate, Regina, Sara, Dorothy, and Ann