Duncan, or "Dan" as the kids call him, is the field-coordinator for Ajiri Tea and the Ajiri Foundation. Duncan holds his Masters in Social Work and is passionate about helping children. Whether it is a class meeting, or a lost calculator, Duncan is there. Our kids often stop by the office on their way home from school to chat with him or receive some extra tutoring.  But you can't find him in the office for very long. He is constantly on the go--visiting students' homes or schools. Checking in on 29 students and attending their class conferences and award ceremonies is a big task! Duncan seems to be everywhere at once. 


Regina is a field-coordinator for Ajiri Tea and the Ajiri Foundation. In addition to her work with Ajiri, Regina is a home science teacher. Regina is an active advocate for the girl child and works closely with church groups, community leaders, and teachers to ensure vulnerable children are identified and cared for. She also volunteers her time ensuring women of domestic abuse know their rights and know what services are out there. 

Regina is a steady and caring figure to all of our children. She is quick to action and gets things done faster than anyone around.