Optimism, Lessons from an Ajiri Scholar

This is a virtue that all youngsters should possess: Optimism.

Through all my eighteen years, it has kept me on track. In high school, I was never good in mathematics, especially in my final year. I would flop almost all my arithmetic tests. Those were the times I would look around me and see despair in my classmates' eyes. I would look at my grade and tell myself I would improve in the next exam.

This continued for awhile and sometimes I would be the only student comforting my classmates that everything would work out in the end.

When we finally sat for our final exam, my virtue paid off. I passed in mathematics and qualified for my dream career.

Being optimistic doesn't mean you overlook your responsibility in making things happen. It means gathering the necessary resources, channeling them into what you aspire to achieve, with a positive attitude. 

It worked for me, it will work for you too.

#shillah Ajiri scholar 

Shilla Mangara