Embracing Change

As a young researcher, I have discovered that one of the reasons why many people cannot go out of their comfort zones is resistance to change.

Change is one of the most resisted things in life. Many people will want to remain in one spot simply because they are not ready to embrace change. They would rather maintain the status quo than venture into new fields.

This shows the truth that the more we resist change the more we condemn ourselves to the past and when change threatens our comfort and security, we are tempted to retreat into a world of denial.

Many people have decided to fight change. In actual sense, to deny change is to disrespect reality, making no room for you to improve. It means that you have insisted on continuing with 'the business as usual' attitude; even when things are no longer usual.

Resistance to change is a clear pointer that to many, the past is better than the future. Change is always the introduction of the future to the present. Change is all about tomorrow taking over today and a denial of change is a decision to live in yesterday.

Whenever we are fighting resisting change, it means we are fighting the future we desire. Stagnation in life is simply a result of refusing change. For you to move out of your comfort zone you must be ready to sacrifice your today for tomorrow.

Reuben ObaraComment